Committed to Providing Clean Water

Clean Water Forward is a Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict (MetroConnects) initiative to address aging wastewater infrastructure and sewer capacity issues in Greenville County and to create a sustainable, well-maintained and reliable wastewater system.

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Our Commitment to Customers

Our focus is to provide you with around-the-clock, safe, reliable wastewater collection and treatment. We are committed to improving water quality, thus improving quality of life.

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Our Commitment to Renewing Infrastructure

We continually evaluate our systems and facilities and are committed to making necessary capital investments to improve service and to ensure our wastewater treatment plants do not exceed capacity.

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Our Commitment to the Environment

The collection and treatment of wastewater protects public health, the environment, and our greatest resource – water. We are committed to keeping our waterways clean and safe.

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Our Commitment to Investing in the Future

New growth is directly reliant on our hundreds of miles of sewer line. We are committed to providing more efficient systems that will accommodate future growth in Greenville County.

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Let's Make This Commitment Together

Everyone has a role in the collective effort to protect public health and improve the quality of our region’s waterways. By participating in Greenville County’s Clean Water Forward program, you are investing in your future.