About Us

One of the most critical aspects of Greenville’s aging infrastructure is buried underground. Out of sight, and usually out of mind, we are only reminded of the importance of wastewater systems when they fail. By strategically investing in these systems, we are helping to prevent that failure. The Clean Water Forward initiative is about maintaining and improving our quality of life, protecting our community’s public health, protecting the environment, and most importantly, protecting our water. The wastewater charges on your monthly water bill support the ongoing work we do in the community. Our job is to keep wastewater in the pipes from the time you flush your toilet until the time that flush reaches a wastewater treatment facility or wastewater resource recovery facility (WRRF).

In some areas of Greenville County, pipes that were installed a century ago are still in use today. Because the older system was constructed from clay pipes, there is more opportunity for rainwater, which does not require treatment, to enter the wastewater system. This extra water puts pressure on the wastewater treatment plant and can increase costs for customers. And, if rainwater can enter the system, then wastewater can also escape the system, means harmful bacteria and chemicals can be released back into nature without being treated.


  • Who We Are
  • Why We Are Here
  • Affirming Our Commitment
  • Benefits to Greenville County

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A look at the unfolding timeline of events surrounding the Clean Water Forward Initiative.

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Mission & Goals

  • Improving Infrastructure
  • Protecting Public Health
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Improving Water Quality

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Our Partners

  • Alignment & Partners
  • Special Purpose Districts
  • Municipalities
  • Key Stakeholders

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