Who We Are & Why We Are Here

Through the Clean Water Forward initiative, MetroConnects will assess and improve large portions of the wastewater collection system in Greenville County protecting the public health, the environment, and improving overall operations while providing additional capacity for the future growth of Greenville County.

Over the next 20 years, MetroConnects will make more than $200M in infrastructure improvements throughout Greenville County.

Affirming Our Commitment – In This Together

MetroConnects actively seeks grant funding for the replacement of the wastewater collection systems in Greenville’s eight historic mill villages. To date, we have received more than $27 million in funds from the South Carolina Infrastructure Improvement Program, allocated by the Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) and the Greenville County Council, as well as from Congressionally Directed Spending. We will continue to pursue local, state and federal funding to help offset the estimated $100 million worth of improvement work that needs to be done in the Mill Village areas and the additional $100 million of work that needs to be done in other areas of Greenville County.

Benefits to Greenville County

Every day, MetroConnects crews are hard at work keeping the wastewater collection system throughout Greenville County running smoothly. Our goal is to keep your wastewater where it should be: out of sight and out of mind. Our proactive maintenance schedule, along with replacement and rehabilitation work we are performing throughout Greenville’s Mill Village and other areas, improves our current systems and helps build capacity for the future of Greenville County. We will continue to actively seek grant funding for large projects in an effort to keep our rates low and ensure that our work can be done quickly, sustainably and with little disruption to our communities. We are in this together!