MetroConnects Past


EPA issues Consent Decrees to all Special Purpose Districts, except for MetroConnect.


ReWa works with each SPD to intergovernmental agreement on reduce l/l.


ReWa begins Capital Expansion to increase capacity, serve growth & update its Wet Weather Program.


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  • January: MetroConnects partners with ReWa to support sanitary sewer service in shared basin areas.
  • February: MetroConnects offers to consolidate with Greenville County SPDs in order to fund renewal of failing wastewater systems.
  • March: MetroConnects begins initiates studies of Greenville County sanitary sewer collection systems.
  • August: Greenville County Council introduces an ordinance to initiate consolidation of wastewater collection/treatment.
  • September: MetroConnects holds a Capital Improvements meeting with CDM Smith, Greenville SPDs and elected officials.
  • November: MetroConnects conducts financial assessment and meets with SPDs and elected officials to determine its ability to fund identified needs in the different SPDs.


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  • July: Raftelis Rate Study launched to look at impact on customers if systems were consolidated.
  • December: County Council approves ordinance that will bring together sewer collection efforts in Greenville County.

MetroConnects Today & Tomorrow


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  • MetroConnects is awarded two $50,000 RIA state grants for Gantt District and Wade Hampton rehabilitation projects, which rehabilitated or replaced a total of 80,500 feet of clay sewer, 250 brick manholes, and 210 clay service laterals.
  • July: Four Districts* consolidate their sewer collection operations with Metro. *Marietta Water & Sewer, Berea Public Service District, Wade Hampton Fire & Sewer, and Gantt Police, Fire & Sewer


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  • MetroConnects receives $3 million in Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, awarded by the Greenville County Council, to be split evenly between the Mills Mill Village and Dunean Mill Village projects.
  • MetroConnects is awarded a $10 million Community Impact South Carolina Infrastructure Improvement Grant for sewer replacement in the Mills Mill Village.
  • MetroConnects is awarded a $10 million Regional Solutions SCIIP South Carolina Infrastructure Improvement Grant for sewer replacement in the Dunean Mill Village.
  • MetroConnects is awarded $4 million in Congressionally Directed Spending for Union Bleachery Mill Village.
  • July: Taylors Fire & Sewer District and the Parker Sewer & Fire District consolidate sewer collection operations with Metro.


Payne Branch, Wade Hampton and Gantt District rehabilitation and replacement work is completed.


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  • April: Mills Mill Village Ribbon Cutting. Work begins replacing and relocating deteriorating sewer pipes in Mills Mill Village with 13,000 linear feet of new 15-inch sewer pipe adding 79 new manholes, and rehabilitating approximately 1,500 linear feet of existing 8-inch sewer lines and seven manholes.
  • May: MetroConnects awarded a $1 million South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority grant for a basin sewer rehabilitation project in Taylors.
  • August: Dunean Mill Village Ribbon Cutting and sewer replacement set to begin in late summer or early fall.
  • November: Union Bleachery Ribbon Cutting and sewer replacement set to begin in late fall or early winter.