Improving Infrastructure

Asset Management Approach

The Clean Water Forward program makes systems more efficient and able to accommodate future development and growth in Greenville County. We take the EPA’s asset management approach to Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) of wastewater systems by performing regular condition assessments, identifying and prioritizing needs, and developing capital improvement plans to renew aging infrastructure. This minimizes the total cost of owning and operating the system while allowing us to deliver top-notch wastewater collection services to our customers. Our priorities include:


  • Proactive capital improvement planning and implementation over longer cycles to reduce overall costs;
  • Preventing costly premature failure by performing proper operations, maintenance, condition assessment, and risk prioritization;
  • Optimizing the use of resources by shifting capital improvement planning and maintenance activities from “reactive” to “preventative”;
  • Maintaining systems to reduce sanitary sewer overflows and inflow and infiltration.

Proactive Maintenance Program

MetroConnects has implemented a proactive maintenance program in all consolidated areas of Greenville County to accommodate growth, protect the environment and public health, and safeguard our greatest resource — our water. Through the Clean Water Forward initiative, MetroConnects continually evaluates systems and facilities, prioritizes projects, and makes necessary capital investments to improve service.