Investing in the Community

More Efficient Systems

Sanitary sewer systems have one main job: moving wastewater from your home or business to a treatment plant. Over time, sewer lines decay or become damaged, needing cleaning, repair, or replacement. Creating more efficient systems by concentrating on preventative measures today benefits YOU. Clean sewer lines and pipes offer long-lasting advantages that every home/business owner can appreciate including eliminating clogs, saving costs on water bills, and avoiding flooding to name a few. Taking care of much needed infrastructure improvement projects and related maintenance issues helps save you costs on the front end resulting in substantial savings.

To learn more, visit MetroConnects Rural Infrastructure Authority Grant (RIA) and Protecting the Environment.

Socio-Economic Impacts

Our economy depends on clean water.  Manufacturing, farming, tourism, recreation, energy production, and other economic sectors need clean water to function and flourish.  Wastewater, often seen as a burden to be disposed of, is increasingly being seen as a valuable resource from which clean water, energy, nutrients, and other resources can be recovered and pay dividends for people, the environment, and economies in the short and long term.  Economic benefits through reuse in different sectors include using byproducts for agriculture and energy generation, with other revenues generated from these processes helping to cover utility operational and maintenance costs.

Additionally, with local and federal spending on water infrastructure projected to grow, the Clean Water Forward initiative is also helping to support the local “green” economy by providing well-paying jobs and rewarding careers.

Supporting Growth

MetroConnects’ Clean Water Forward initiative supports businesses and residents throughout Greenville County by maintaining, improving and growing our sewer collection system. Our proactive maintenance program and rehabilitation projects, along with our contributions to capacity growth, ensure that our wastewater systems run smoothly and cleanly in all our neighborhoods, old and new. MetroConnects is excited to be a central part of Greenville’s future!

Improving Quality of Life

Quality of life is dependent on the quality of our environment. Clean Water Forward is committed to protecting water to keep our water sources safe and clean for drinking and enjoying recreationally. MetroConnects also ensures that the services we provide are safe in every way. That is why we regularly inspect and repair manhole covers, making sure you have safe and smooth roads to drive on. Using the latest Mr. Manhole technology, MetroConnects can quickly and quietly repair manhole covers in a fraction of the time traditional jackhammering takes. In 2023 alone, MetroConnects inspected 518 manholes and repaired 175!